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Cr2 to jpg mac os

Как конвертировать CR2 в JPG на Mac — Вокруг-Дом — 2020

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Когда вы снимаете фотографию в режиме RAW с использованием большинства цифровых камер Canon, она создает файл CR2. Файлы CR2 могут быть преобразованы в формат JPG с помощью предварительного просмотра и без необходимости установки какого-либо дополнительного программного обеспечения.

Понимание файлов RAW

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Хотя их можно просматривать на компьютере Mac, файлы RAW нельзя назвать файлами изображений. Вместо того, чтобы содержать изображение, как JPG или PNG, файлы RAW содержат необработанные данные, сгенерированные датчиком камеры, без фильтрации и без сжатия.

Используя такие инструменты, как Photoshop, профессиональные фотографы и графические дизайнеры могут получить намного больше визуальной информации из файла RAW, чем из любого файла изображения. Темное освещение или, например, часто можно исправить с помощью файла RAW.

Преобразование CR2 в JPG

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Найдите файл CR2 в Finder и дважды щелкните по нему. Файл открывается в Preview.

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Нажмите на лХвост Стрелка рядом с именем файла в верхней части окна предварительного просмотра. Нажмите на лocked установите флажок, чтобы включить редактирование. Предварительный просмотр создает копию файла RAW в виде файла изображения TIFF.

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Отредактируйте файл так же, как и любой другой файл изображения, включая обрезку, изменение размера или добавление текста к изображению.

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Нажмите меню Файл и выберите Экспортировать как, В окне экспорта выберите JPEG от Формат меню. Вы можете увеличить или уменьшить Качественный а также глубина по желанию или оставьте их по умолчанию. Большая глубина и высокое качество также приводят к увеличению размера файла, который отображается в нижней части окна. Нажмите Сохранить.


How to Convert CR2 to JPG on a Mac

When you shoot a photo in RAW mode using most Canon digital cameras, it produces a CR2 file. CR2 files can be converted to JPG format using Preview and without the need to install any additional software.

Understanding RAW Files

While they can be viewed on your Mac computer, RAW files can’t really be called image files. Instead of containing an image, the way a JPG or PNG does, RAW files contain the raw data generated by the camera’s sensor, unfiltered and uncompressed.

Using tools like Photoshop, professional photographers and graphic designers can get a lot more visual information from a RAW file than any image file. Dark lighting or blown-out whites, for example, can often be corrected using a RAW file.

Converting CR2 to JPG

Step 1: Open the File

Locate the CR2 file in Finder and double-click it. The file is opened in Preview.

Step 2: Enable Editing if Desired

Click the locked Arrow beside the file name at the top of the Preview window. Click the locked check mark to enable editing. Preview creates a copy of the RAW file as a TIFF image file.

Step 3: Edit the Image as Desired

Edit the file as you would any other image file, including cropping, resizing, or adding text to the image.

Step 4: Export the File as a JPG

Click the File menu and select Export As. In the Export window, select JPEG from the Format menu. You can increase or decrease the Quality and Depth as desired, or leave them at their default values. Higher depths and higher quality also result in a larger file size, which is displayed at the bottom of the window. Click Save.


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Written by: Ray Padgett

Written on: July 14, 2020

A CR2 file is an image taken by a Canon digital camera. Based on the more common TIFF image extension, CR2 files do not compress the image data, leaving the user with high-resolution images with large file sizes. These raw images give you more flexibility in making photo adjustments.

You can compress the CR2 files to the more common JPEG format on your Mac. Though Mac’s standard Preview application is not CR2-compatible, another program Apple includes with all its computers is.

Right-click the CR2 file you wish to convert.

  • A CR2 file is an image taken by a Canon digital camera.
  • You can compress the CR2 files to the more common JPEG format on your Mac.

Select «iPhoto» from the list that pops up.

Select «Export» from the «File» menu.

Click the «File Export» tab.

Select «JPEG» next to «Kind.»

Click «Export.» Select where you want to save the new JPEG file, then click «OK.»

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How to Convert Canon CR2 Images to JPG on Mac and Windows?

RAW is the special image format used by digital cameras and it is famous for its variation. Because different digital camera manufacturer has their own RAW extension. CR2 is the newest extension of Canon RAW pictures and most of images taken by Canon is CRW and CR2 format.

Why do you need to convert CR2 to JPG ?

Though Canon CR2 format images have high quality and can be displayed on the Canon camera, you have to know that it has difficulty to open them on computer. The acquiescent image file tool on your computer does not support CR2 format images and you have to use professional designed image management software to open them. But another fact is that most of mobile phones and PC tablets also can not display CR2 images, so what should you do when you want to keep and view this photos on your portable devices ? Base on this situation, the best way is to convert CR2 images to JPG format. Because JPG is the most common image format which can be supported by almost all devices and websites.

AppleMacSoft Graphic Converter is the fantastic CR2 image converter that allows you to Batch convert CR2 to JPG, and CRW to JPG easily. The software works on both Mac OS X and Windows, 100% compatible with Windows 10 & Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Now let’s check it in details.


  1. You have moved the CR2 images to your computer from the Canon digital camera via USB or SD card reader.
  2. Install AppleMacsoft Graphic Converter on your computer. It has two versions — Windows version and Mac version, just choose the correct one you need.

Download Graphic Converter for Mac (version: 1.3.1 , size: 3.1 MB)

Please follow the steps below to Convert Canon CR2 Images to JPG on Mac OS X:

  1. Upload Canon CR2 Images
    When you launch the program, the following main screen will come to you. The first thing you need is to upload the Canon CR2 images to this program. There are two different ways for you to meet your needs. If you want to convert single or several images at the same time, you can click the «Add images to convert» to upload the images. If you want to convert all CR2 images in one folder, then you can click «Add folder to convert» to convert them all. You can also select the images you do not need in the file list and use «Remove Selected» button to remove them. The preview of the selected image will show in the upper right corner.

Set the Output Format, Size and Save Folder
After uploading the CR2 images you need to convert, you need to set the output format as JPG image format in the right side of the interface. You can also use the resize option to set the size of the output JPG images. Keep it as «no resize» if you do not need. Then with the «Target folder» option, you can choose a folder as the saving location.

  • Start Conversion
    Once all settings have been chosen correctly, you can click the «Convert» icon and the program will start to convert Canon CR2 Images to JPG. The conversion process will be finished within only a few seconds. (According to our test, converting 100 CR2 images to JPG only cost 4 — 6 second.) When the conversion is over, you will see the converted JPG images in the selected folder.
  • Congratulations! Now you can open JPG images without problem or transfer these converted JPG images to your portable device for view!

    Notice: You can also use AppleMacSoft Graphic Converter to convert other formats images to many different formats. Just try it now and make image conversion easy!

    Version: 1.3.1
    Price: $19.95 USD

    You can use Graphic Converter under Windows and Mac operating systems with the same license.


    Our users testimonials

    I have looked far and wide to find a software that will convert my 1200 images to jpeg in a batch process. It took me many months of looking for, but your software really does make the image conversion easy. — Tom Stark

    I have used graphic converter mac a few times to convert photos from PNG to jpeg and it worked perfectly and so easy even for a newbie like me. Your product is well worth the money. — Casey Hillman

    If what you want is the capability to quickly reduce the size of photos, this is the product for you. Works quickly and minimum of learning required. I can now ‘shrink’ down image sizes and email them or post them online much more easily. Great product. — Kenny

    The program is outstanding and I like using it because it allows me to convert TIFF and other formats into formats supported by the Motorola RAZR v3. I enjoy using the program because it is easy to use. — Samuel Morehead