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Digidesign digi 001 driver mac os

Digidesign digi 001 driver mac os

Sound Drivers for Digidesign Hardware

Digidesign Hardware Drivers for Windows XP

Digidesign Hardware Drivers for Mac OS X

Digidesign Control Panel, Sound Drivers & Output Drivers

For Digidesign Hardware on Mac OS 8 & OS 9 Systems Only

Digidesign® Control Panel

ReadMe (included in download)

Digidesign® Control Panel

ReadMe (included in download)

Digidesign Output Drivers

Digidesign Output Drivers

Digidesign Sound Drivers

Digidesign Sound Drivers

Digidesign Sound Drivers

Apple Sound Control Panel

If you experience download or decoding problems, see the Download Help FAQ

Newer Mac downloads require Stuffit Expander 5.1.2 or higher

Digidesign® Control Panel

The Digidesign® Control Panel provides sound output for Apple’s Sound Manager via Digidesign’s hardware outputs. These drivers are used to route non-Pro Tools sound such as system sounds, games or other applications through your Digidesign hardware.

Place the Digidesign® Control Panel in your System Folder/Control Panels. (newer Pro Tools installers include an option to install when installing Pro Tools)

(you can do this by dragging the control panel onto your closed System Folder and clicking OK on the dialogue box to place it in your Control Panels folder)


Once installed, click the Setup Hardware button in the Digidesign Control Panel to configure your hardware.

Digidesign Control Panel

The Digidesign Control Panel supports the following hardware on Mac OS 9:

  • Pro Tools|HD
  • Pro Tools|24 MIX
  • Pro Tools|24
  • Digi 002
  • Digi 001
  • Mbox
  • Audiomedia III
  • Project II

(If using Pro Tools III hardware, install and use the Digidesign Sound Drivers extension.)

The Digidesign Control Panel requires Mac OS 9.0 thru 9.2.2.

Digidesign Sound Drivers

Digidesign Sound Drivers is a System extension that allows any application that can play sound via Sound Manager to play that audio through Digidesign hardware. Most Macintosh applications that make any sound do so by using Apple’s Sound Manager. Apple’s release of Sound Manager version 3.0 allowed third-party companies, like Digidesign, to build expansion cards for sound input and output, rather than having sound go in and out of the internal mic or Mac speaker. Digidesign hasn’t built expansion cards specifically for Sound Manager 3.0. Rather, we have built software drivers to work as the «glue» between the Sound Manager and our existing high-end audio cards. Version 3.0 of the Sound Manager also has the capability to handle 16-bit, 44.1 kHz, stereo audio. This means you can record and playback CD-quality sound into any application that supports 16-bit audio, including most multimedia applications and games.

Copyright © 1996 Digidesign, A Division of Avid Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved

*What to do when the Sound or Output drivers do not appear in the Monitors and Sound Control Panel:

The Sound CDev is required to select the Digidesign hardware for sound input/output. Mac OS 7.6.1 and higher doesn’t automatically install the Sound CDev in the System Folder, but instead places it in the «Apple Extras/Sound Control Panel folder». To install, drag it onto the System Folder and Restart the computer.

In Mac OS 9.0 and higher, the Apple installer correctly places new and separate «Monitors» and «Sound» Control Panels in the System Folder.

ASIO Digidesign Direct I/O Driver for Mac OS 8/9


Digidesign digi 001 driver mac os

Software Downloads Archive: May 2006 & Earlier Only

Current support information is available at www.Digidesign.com.
Please Note: These pages will not be updated and may contain broken links.

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  • Pro Tools Plug-Ins — Information & Downloads for Digidesign & Development Partner Plug-Ins
  • Pro Tools Plug-In CS Updates Archive (EQ III, Mod Delay II, ReVibe, Smack!, Smack! LE, Sonic NoNOISE)
  • Digidesign Technical Document Library Archive — Download Acrobat PDFs of Digidesign manuals

Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) does not included Stuffit Expander. Mac downloads (.bin .hqx .sea .sit .sitx) require Stuffit Expander or other decoding utility. Newer Mac downloads require Stuffit Expander version 5.1.2 or higher. Download the free Aladdin Stuffit Expander for Mac (included with Mac OS X 10.0-10.3, but not with 10.4).

A download form is required to access some Pro Tools downloads. Completion of the download form is not related to registration of the software, hardware, or any other product. For help with plug-in downloads, please see Download Help FAQ #1.

Pro Tools 7 Information

Pro Tools HD 7, Pro Tools LE 7, and Pro Tools M-Powered 7 software are now available. For information about Pro Tools 7, including Upgrades and Updates, please see the following:

Demo Mode with 7.0 Plug-ins

Version 7.0 plug-ins from Digidesign, Access, Aphex, Bomb Factory, Dolby, Drawmer (Dynamics only), Focusrite (d2/d3 only), and Sonic Solutions no longer include time-limited demos. A new system to offer iLok trial licenses is in development. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Special CS Release Versions — Mac & Windows

  • Index of Pro Tools CS Updates
    • Pro Tools HD, LE, and M-Powered 7.1cs7 updates for Mac OS X 10.4 and Windows XP added May 9, 2006 (Pro Tools HD 7.1cs7 for Mac OS X Updated on May 17, 2006)
    • Pro Tools TDM 6.9.3cs4 updates for Mac OS X 10.4 and Windows XP added March 31 (Mac) & April 13 (Win), 2006
    • Pro Tools TDM 6.9.1cs3 update for Mac OS X 10.3 added September 19, 2005
    • Pro Tools LE 6.9cs4 & 6.9.2cs4 updates added September 19, 2005
    • Pro Tools TDM 6.4.1cs4 for MIX systems on Mac OS X 10.3 and Windows XP added July 21, 2005
  • Index of Plug-In CS Updates
    • DINR, EQ III, Mod Delay II, Revibe, Smack!, Smack! LE, Sonic NoNOISE
    • Sonic NoNOISE for HD Accel on Power Mac G5 PCIe added May 31, 2006
    • DINR 7.0cs1 added December 22, 2005
    • Mod Delay II 6.7cs1 added September 1, 2005
    • EQ III 6.9cs3 added August 31, 2005

Featured Mac OS X Updates

Digidesign Drivers for Third-Party Applications

Digidesign Hardware Drivers for Mac OS X, for use with Pro Tools software or as standalone drivers:

Avid Free DV for Mac OS X

Digidesign Plug-In Updates for Mac OS 9

Mac OS 9 Pro Tools 5 Updates

Featured Windows XP Updates

Windows Update Summary:

Digidesign Drivers for Third-Party Applications

Digidesign Hardware Drivers for Windows XP, for use with Pro Tools software or as standalone drivers:

  • Digidesign Audio Drivers for Windows XP v7.0
    • Combined standalone installer of Digidesign ASIO Driver and Digidesign WaveDriver for Digidesign hardware without Pro Tools software installed
  • Digidesign ASIO Driver 6.1.1
  • Digidesign WaveDriver 6.1.1

Avid Free DV for Windows XP

Digidesign Development Partners

iLok Information & Driver Updates

  • iLok Usage Guide (748 k)
  • iLok Information & ILok.com Tutorial Videos (link)
  • Update Your PACE Interlok & iLok Drivers (link)
  • Amp Farm
  • Aphex
  • ASIO Drivers for Windows XP
  • AudioVision
  • Aurora Video Systems
  • Avid Media Station|PT
  • Avid Mojo
  • Avid Pro Tools LE 6.5.3r2 for Avid Mojo
  • Avid Updates & Utilities
  • AVoption & AVoption|XL
  • Bomb Factory Current Plug-Ins
  • Bomb Factory Legacy Plug-Ins
  • Chorus DigiRack Plug-In
  • Command|8
  • Control|24
  • Control Surfaces
  • CoreAudio Drivers for Mac OS X
  • D-Control
  • D-Show (VENUE) Console & Standalone
  • D-Verb
  • DAE & DSI (DigiSystem INIT)
  • Digi 001 Factory Updates for Mac OS X
  • Digi 001 Factory Updates for Windows XP
  • Digi 002
  • DigiDelivery
  • DigiTest
  • DigiTranslator
  • DINR
  • DirectConnect
  • Direct I/O
  • Dolby Surround Tools
  • Dual Processor OS 9 Fix
  • DV Toolkit for Pro Tools LE
  • Echo Farm
  • EQ III DigiRack Plug-in
  • Focusrite d2/d3
  • Focusrite Forte Suite
  • Focusrite Liquid Channel
  • ICON Integrated Console
  • Impact
  • Legacy Products
  • LexiVerb
  • M-Audio Driver Updates
  • MachineControl
  • Massenburg DesignWorks
  • MassivePack Plug-In Updates
  • MasterList CD
  • Mbox
  • Mbox 2
  • MIDI Control Surfaces
  • MIDI I/O (USB MIDI Interface)
  • Mod Delay DigiRack Plug-In
  • MP3 Export & MP3 Option
  • Music Production Enhancement Suite
  • OMF Tool
  • PostConform
  • ProControl
  • Prosoniq Orange Vocoder
  • Pro Tools Application Legacy Updates
  • Pro Tools|HDpack Updates
  • Pro Tools 6.4.1 Plug-Ins for MIX Systems
  • Pro Tools FREE
  • Pro Tools M-Powered 6.8r2 for Mac OS 10.4
  • Q1/04 HD 2 Accel & HD 3 Accel HD Pack v6
  • Q1/04 HD Exchange Bomb Factory Downloads
  • ReVibe (v1.1cs1)
  • SampleCell Hardware Mac
  • SampleCell Hardware PC
  • Smack! (Mac v1.0.2cs1, Windows v1.0.1cs1)
  • Soft SampleCell
  • Sonic NoNOISE (v1.6cs1)
  • Sound Designer II
  • Sound & Output Drivers
  • Storage
  • StreamManager
  • SYNC I/O
  • TC Electronic Master X
  • TC Electronic TC Tools
  • Trillium Lane Labs TL Fauxlder
  • TrackTransfer Utility
  • USD Setup Utility
  • Utilities & Links to Third Party Software
  • VENUE D-Show Console & Standalone
  • Virus Indigo
  • VocALign Project
  • WaveDrivers for Windows Systems
  • Waves Plug-Ins
  • Windows XP Pro Tools Updates by System
  • Xpand! v1.0.1 Updater

For all other current downloads of Digidesign and Digidesign Development Partner plug-ins for Pro Tool|HD and Pro Tools LE systems, please see the following section of the website:

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