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Faststone capture mac os

FastStone Capture

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FastStone Capture is a powerful, lightweight, yet full-featured screen capture and screen recording tool that allows for capturing and annotating anything on the screen including.

FastStone Capture is a powerful, lightweight, yet full-featured screen capture and screen recording tool that allows for capturing and annotating anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full.

Альтернативы приложению FastStone Capture для Mac

Jing takes a picture or video of the users computer screen and uploads it to the Web, FTP, computer or clipboard. Note: recording is limited to 5 min and a low quality of 10 frames per second. Furthermore.

Camtasia Studio

Produce videos for the web using the industry-leading H.264 format. No tweaks or technospeak, just sparkling HD-quality video with compact file sizes. every single time. Two existing production presets (blog.


The ultimate screen capture tool. With Snagit’s capture, edit, organize and share technology… it’s easy to create engaging visuals that grab attention and keep it. Let images do the talking for you. Use.


Skitch is a screenshot editing and sharing utility that permits the user to add shapes and text to an image, and then share it online. Images can also be exported to various image formats. Skitch.com is a.


Lightshot – easy screenshot tool, is screen capture tool for Windows that works very much like the Snipping tool in Windows Vista and 7, with the added advantage of automatically uploading it online for.


Ember is your digital scrapbook of things that inspire you – be it websites, photos, apps or other things. Just drag in images that you want to keep, organise them into relevant collections, annotate the.


Collabshot gives you the ability to share your screen grabs with your colleagues for quick and easy collaboration, annotation, drawing. The screen shot is automatically uploaded to a collaborative.


TinyGrab is a simple yet extremely powerful utility for Mac OS X, Windows and iPhone. Harnessing the power of pre-existing and new OS screenshot taking capabilities, TinyGrab instantly uploads and allows you.

DuckLink Screen Capture

DuckLink Screen Capture (AKA: DuckCapture) comes with four capture modes that make screen capture easy! Capture a window on your screen, region of your screen, or the contents of a tall web page that scrolls.


JShot is a free and multiplatform screen capture and uploader utility which allows you to capture and annotate a part of your screen and share it via the Internet in one step. It lets you to upload screenshots.


Snaplr is a simple way to capture and annotate your desktop’s activity. It’s free to download, a great addition for your email/collaboration tool. Quick Annotation After taking your screenshot.

Screen Capture (by Google)

Capture visible content of a tab, a region of a web page, or the whole page as a PNG image. Support horizontal and vertical scroll when capturing whole page, with an all new autosave capability. Editing tools.


Voila is a comprehensive screen capturing tool. Built to grab, edit, organize, share, interesting contents from the users desktop screens or contents of web pages, Voila is the perfect companion to create.

Glui is the simplest way to capture, annotate and share screenshots. Key features: • Capture crosshair, window or fullscreen screenshots, or drag and drop existing images. • Annotate with arrow, rectangle, pen and text tool. •.

Easily upload screenshot or files to FTP server and copy its URL address to clipboard.


WebKut is an AIR application that allows you to capture web pages, or parts of them in a very simple way. It provides you 3 capture options: the entire page, the current view, or only a selection.


Snapplr is a revolutionary tool to efficiently take and share screenshots. It completely replaces Mac OS Xs native capabilities and works in the same way as the system tool, but offers a wide range of options.


Slingshot streamlines screen shot sharing. Just take a screen shot and paste the link. Command-Shift-4 + Command-V Slingshot automatically uploads screen shots you capture to a service of your choice so.


Capture any website and edit it instantly with Aviary.com applications. You can capture full web pages, or just the portion you need.
Talon works seamlessly (and by default) with our markup editor Falcon, but you can customize it to open new screenshots in any tool of your choi.


InstantShot! offers classical screenshot functionality for capturing the whole screen, a portion of it or a window and also the option to make timed screenshots or to make delayed captures over time. It offers.

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FastStone Image Viewer for Mac

FastStone Image Viewer by FastStone Soft is one of the most widely-used image viewers that supports almost any possible graphics format. Despite the fact that the software is highly popular, there is still no chance of getting FastStone Image Viewer for Mac. Therefore, you might want to try other applications that can help you view your digital photos. The following list provides you with replacements for FastStone Image Viewer for Mac.

FastStone Image Viewer for Mac OS X: Best alternatives Our editors hand-picked the best Mac alternatives to FastStone Image Viewer, go ahead and check them out, rate them, or add new ones you find fitting.

XnViewMP Free

XnViewMP is a multi-purpose media application that enables Mac users to browse through their multimedia file collections and perform various image management actions.

Xee Free

Xee is a lightweight open-source image viewer for the Mac. It is designed to let you browse and manage your images more efficiently than Preview or other image editors.

Sequential Free

Sequential is a program designed as an alternative to viewing pictures with Mac’s Preview app. This tool enables you to browse entire folders of photos in a simple and efficient way, to load images from any webpage, and even to display the pictures.

ToyViewer Free

ToyViewer is a lot more than just a simple image viewer for Mac. With its assistance, you can convert pictures between various image formats, preview the photos from a directory within your Mac as a slideshow presentation.

Lyn Free

Lyn is more than just an image viewer for your Mac. Besides letting you browse your photo collections, this program also enables you to convert your pictures between various formats, view photos in slideshow mode, share your favorite photographs.

Easy Photo Viewer Free

Easy Photo Viewer is fast and simple image viewer for Mac. You can quickly browse through all images in a folder (open image folder in App or drag and drop folder to Easy Photo Viewer). Button bar will automatically hide.

Fragment Free

Fragment is a program that comes as an alternative to using Preview, Mac’s default image viewer, for examining and editing pictures on your computer.

LilyView Free

LilyView is a program that comes as an alternative to using Mac’s Preview application for opening pictures on your computer. The utility works with a wide variety of image formats, supports drag-and-drop actions, and lets you choose.

JustLooking Free

JustLooking is an easy-to-use image viewer that allows you to browse through your photo collections more efficiently; this handy program supports dozens of image formats, such as .JPG, .BMP, .GIF, .PNG and many other.

Phoenix Slides Free

Phoenix Slides is a fast, full-screen slideshow program/image browser for flipping through folders or disks full of images. Phoenix Slides also does lossless JPEG transformations and can display EXIF data.

Riffle Free

Riffle is a lightweight image-browsing tool designed to help you find photos stored on your computer quickly. In addition, the application works as a convenient image viewer and photo catalog generator.

Image Viewer Pro Free

Image Viewer Pro is made for full-screen image viewing. The image is scaled to fit to the screen edges. With the left and right arrows, you can move between the images easily.

Home Image Viewer Free

Home Image Viewer : – navigate through the mac images in a folder using navigation keys and keyboard shortcuts, – view images at different zoom amounts,

ArcSoft Photo+ Free

ArcSoft Photo+ is an image viewer that enables you to preview your favorite pictures from your Mac. This program works with a wide variety of image formats, allows you to resize photos with minimum effort, lets you share photos via Facebook.

PixBinder Free

PixBinder is an image viewer application for Mac OS X. It allows you to easily create and remove albums, and find its logical operation results with simple actions. It offers an efficient way for organize thousands of image files.

ViewPic Free

ViewPic is a lightning fast image viewer, you can quickly browse through all images in a folder. It’s designed for improving your image viewing experience on Mac OS X. * Better image viewing experience

Keyboard Image Viewer is an open source application that allows you to view various image files.

FastStone MaxView by FastStone Soft is a well-known free image viewer that supports a large number.

FastPictureViewer by Axel Rietschin Software Developments is an application that was designed.

Pixie by BellCraft Technologies is a piece of software that gives you the possibility to view your.

Free TIFF Viewer by Free Picture Solutions is a free to use piece of software that was designed.

Know of any alternatives we haven’t found yet?

Feel free to add any alternative to FastStone Image Viewer for Mac that you know of.


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