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Linux transmission remote gui

Linux transmission remote gui

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Transmission Remote GUI

Transmission Remote GUI is feature rich cross platform front-end to remotely control Transmission daemon via its RPC protocol. It is faster and has more functionality than builtin Transmission web interface.

Transmission Remote GUI is developed using Lazarus RAD and Free Pascal compiler.

  • Native application for Windows, Linux and macOS
  • uTorrent-like interface
  • Select files to download
  • Choose files priority
  • View details about connected peers
  • Full information about each torrent
  • Per torrent options

The installers are listed on the GitHub Releases page, and the installation instructions for different platform are listed as below ⬇️

Easy way (recommended)

There are precompiled program’s binaries for i386 and x86_64 Linux architectures.

  • Download and extract the release for your architecture.

Now you can execute the transgui binary. (Change the transgui file permissions to executable if needed)

Additionally, you can create a desktop or menu shortcut to the transgui executable, and run the program using the created shortcut.

Build the program by yourself.

  1. Make sure you have working Lazarus and Free Pascal compiler installed.
  • Free Pascal Compiler 2.6.2+ and Lazarus 1.6 is used to develop Transmission Remote GUI.
  1. Download the sources archive and extract it to some folder or perform svn checkout.
  2. Open terminal/command line prompt and cd to the sources folder.
  3. Execute make command to build the application.
  4. Execute make zipdist command to create a release .zip archive in the Release sub-folder.

Portable zip tarball (recommended)

  • Zip tarball release is much more small than the installer one, which can save you some bandwidth, disk space and time, just simply download and extract the zip tarball to wherever you want, directly execute transgui.exe or add shortcut for it.

Note: The first time you use this program, you may need to install some additional dependencies (if you need SSL/TLS enabled), including Visual C++ Redistributable Package(Direct link) and OpenSSL libs(Direct link), this only needs to be done once.

This installer has additional installation wizard and includes static OpenSSL libraries in every releases, the size would be much bigger than the zip tarball, but you don’t need to take care of the OpenSSL dependencies.

  1. Directly download the installer.
  2. Run the installer and follow the steps to install it on your system.

Run cinst transgui to install the latest version of Transmission Remote GUI.

Without a package manager

This method needs no additional pre-requirement or dependency, just:

  1. Download the app image from release page.
  2. Open the image file to mount the image.
  3. Directly run the application or drag the app icon to your disk / Application folder.

You need to have Homebrew installed, and Homebrew-Cask enabled, with Homebrew, you can enable Homebrew-Cask by a single command, skip this step if you already got it:

With Homebrew-Cask, directly execute this command to install Transmission Remote Gui:

  • brew cask install transmission-remote-gui

Command line parameters

You can specify path to a .torrent file or a magnet link as a command line parameter. The program will add the specified torrent.

  • -hidden : Start the program hidden. Only the program’s tray icon will be visible.
  • –home= : Specifies a home directory for the program. All program’s settings are stored in the home directory. You can run multiple instances of the program by specifying different home directories.

If the program finds the transgui.ini file in the same folder as the binary file, then it will store all configuration and data files in the program’s folder, instead of the folder in a user profile.

  • Alt + 1 : All Torrents
  • Alt + 2 : Downloading
  • Alt + 3 : Completed
  • Alt + 4 : Active
  • Alt + 5 : Inactive
  • Alt + 6 : Stopped
  • Alt + 7 : Error
  • Alt + 8 : Waiting
  • Alt + S : Searchbox (filter torrents by keywords) – Esc cancel filter and clean the box.
  • Alt + G : Info Pane – General Tab
  • Alt + K : Info Pane – Trackers Tab
  • Alt + P : Info Pane – Peers Tab
  • Alt + F : Info Pane – Files Tab

There are some parameters in the transgui.ini file , that can not be modified via the GUI. More info on: #924 (File Manager & Shortcuts) , #1020 (User Defined Menu Windows Only) and #1070 (.torrent Auto Opening)

Copyright (c) 2008-2019 by Yury Sidorov and Transmission Remote GUI working group.

Transmission Remote GUI is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Transmission Remote GUI is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.


🧲 A feature rich cross platform Transmission BitTorrent client. Faster and has more functionality than the built-in web GUI.


Использование программы Transmission Remote GUI для удаленного управления встроенным BitTorrent-клиентом интернет-центра

Для удаленного управления встроенным BitTorrent-клиентом можно установить на компьютере программу Transmission Remote GUI. Transmission Remote GUI – программа для удаленного управления торрент-клиентом Transmission через протокол RPC. Это свободная программа, которая распространяется по лицензии GNU GPL. С помощью программы Transmission Remote GUI вы сможете привязать торрент-файлы к этому приложению и легко добавлять торренты на закачку.

Установите Transmission Remote GUI на компьютере, зайдите в меню “Инструменты” > “Параметры приложения” и на вкладке “Transmission” укажите параметры соединения:

Если вы используете Transmission Remote GUI для управления из домашней сети, то в поле “Удаленный узел” нужно указать локальный IP-адрес веб-интерфейса Transmission интернет-центра Keenetic (например, Включите опцию “Требуется авторизация”, укажите “Пользователь” и “Пароль”.
Если вы используете Transmission Remote GUI для удаленного управления из Интернета, то в поле “Удаленный узел” нужно указать “белый” публичный (постоянный) IP-адрес интернет-центра Keenetic, который предоставляет ваш провайдер для доступа в Интернет, или доменное имя интернет-центра, по которому роутер доступен из Интернета.
При необходимости можно изменить номер порта управления (по умолчанию используется 8090), который будет использоваться для подключения к клиенту Transmission.

NOTE: Важно! Для подключения к BitTorrent-клиенту Transmission из Интернета используйте “белый” публичный (постоянный) IP-адрес.

На смартфонах, планшетах можно использовать мобильное приложение, которое позволяет удаленно управлять BitTorrent-клиентом Transmission. Например: Transmission Remote, Torrnado – Transmission Remote.

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Linux transmission remote gui

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PeterDaveHello released this Nov 26, 2017 · 228 commits to master since this release

  • Move repository to organization account
  • Update README.md
  • Update translation template
  • Update Korean translation
  • Update Spanish translation
  • Update Traditional Chinese translation
  • Show global bandwidth limits in status bar (#993)
  • Add Option to change Statusbar Panels widths (#953)
  • Fix wrongly disabled menu items for renamed torrents (#884)
  • Replace Ubuntu 17.04 Travis build env w/ Debian stretch

PeterDaveHello released this Nov 5, 2017 · 244 commits to master since this release

  • Update translation template for missing terms
  • Update Traditional Chinese translation
  • Update Simplified Chinese translation (#1024)
  • Update Nederlands translation
  • Update README.md (#924, #1001, #1012, #1017, #1020)
  • Update Visual C++ Redistributable package to 2013 (12.0.40660)
  • Update Windows installer logic for Visual C++ Redistributable package
  • Update the Ararat Synapse library to the latest revision
  • Upgrade OpenSSL dll for Windows from 1.0.2j to 1.0.2m
  • Download vcredist on the fly using Inno Download Plugin (#1013)
  • Add version number on application window title
  • Add the user customizable menu option (#1020)
  • Add the ability to configure the network timeout (#1007)
  • Add the ability to add new torrents in a stopped state (#1022)
  • Add simple ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md to decrease false bug alarm (#1012)
  • Add more Inno Setup official languages for Windows
  • Add markdown-link-check test on Travis CI
  • Move macOS environment on Travis CI to xcode9.1
  • Set DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive on Travis CI Linux environment
  • Run apt upgrade on Travis CI before Linux package build
  • Remove jq on Travis CI, let the script use awk, to speed up
  • Do not manually install ShellCheck on Travis CI now
  • Also upload transgui single binary to VirusTotal on Travis CI

PeterDaveHello released this Sep 16, 2017 · 282 commits to master since this release

  • Update Korean translation (#1002, #1003)
  • Add armv7l build on Travis CI
  • Save Menu and toolbar display option in config (#1004)

PeterDaveHello released this Aug 18, 2017 · 290 commits to master since this release

  • Added missing string “Access violation” in lang
  • Added menu and toolbar hiding/showing option
  • Fixed language files,


  • Fixed RevisionNumber
  • Improved CI config and build scripts
  • PeterDaveHello released this Jul 28, 2017 · 302 commits to master since this release

    • Updated Korean translation thanks to @bluenlive (#987)
    • Updated url in “about” to avoid redirects (#984)
    • Updated README.md for Windows release
    • Updated Linux building environment to Ubuntu 17.04 (#919)
    • Updated unix build script to include txz tarball packaging
    • Added “make” to Debian / Ubuntu dependencies
    • Added Raspbery Pi / armv6l automatic build on Travis CI
    • Added SourceForge mirror specify feature in macOS compiler script
    • Fixed readme.txt file format for Windows platform
    • Moved directory setup/debian-ubuntu to setup/unix
    • Increased Windows installer compression level
    • Many tuning on Travis CI for release building
    • Now use txz instead zip for unix releases

    PeterDaveHello released this Jul 23, 2017 · 321 commits to master since this release

    • Added Portuguese translation. (#981)
    • Added app screenshot in README.md.
    • Added readme.txt back for Windows release.
    • Added fpc and Lazarus in the “about” dialog in Linux and macOS builds.
    • Now assets of every commit would be uploaded to the cloud for testing.
    • Refactored macOS build script.
    • Refactored build process on Travis CI.
    • Updated Chinese translation.
    • Updated the repository link in “about” dialog.
    • Tested Chinese installer interface for Windows release
    • Tested portable(zip) release for Windows release (#973)

    PeterDaveHello released this Jul 9, 2017 · 345 commits to master since this release

    • Updated Chinese translation and translation template.
    • Improved macOS build process on Travis CI with some minor bug fixes.
    • Changed to use UDBZ as default format of macOS release for smaller size.
    • Added setup script for Debian/Ubuntu GNU/Linux.
    • Added automatic build for Linux i386/amd64 release using Debian/Ubuntu script on Travis CI.
    • Added git commit hash as build serial for offcial release using Debian/Ubuntu script.
    • Updated README with markdown format.
    • Fixed minor bugs.

    PeterDaveHello released this Jul 6, 2017 · 367 commits to master since this release

    • Fixed TLS 1.2 support on non-MacOS platforms
    • Updated Traditional Chinese translation
    • Re-compressed all png images and zip archive

    leonsoft-kras released this Jul 2, 2017 · 387 commits to master since this release

    5.7.0 (Jul 1, 2017)
    [+] Removed support for SSL 2,3.
    [+] Changed script for compiling the program for the Mac.
    [-] Fixed Russian,Ukrainian,Hungarian translation.
    [-] Fixed the “Browse” button in the “Torrent data location” window (Linux)
    [-] Fixed processing of the FileOpenDoc ini-parameter.
    [-] Fixed dynamic associations of ShortCuts to Actions/Menus.
    [-] Fixed display of program icons in Linux.
    [-] Fixed minor bugs.

    leonsoft-kras released this Apr 15, 2017 · 418 commits to master since this release

    5.6.0 (Apr 15, 2017)
    [+] Added a delete button from the list of destination directories when adding a torrent. Issue #760
    [+] Added replacement of invalid characters in torrent files (replacement with “_”). Issue #929
    [+] Added warning about using an invalid character “<" in the password. Issue #931
    [+] Added output of additional information to the status bar. Issue #924
    [+] Added the ability to assign their own shortcut keys to access the functions of the program. Issue #924
    [+] Added the ability to assign its file manager to open the torrent directory. Issue #924
    [+] Added the ability to compile and run the program on Raspberry PI 3.
    [+] Added the ability to copy Magnet Links from the popup menu. Issue #930
    [?] Changed the function of opening files in Linux. To select the old option, specify FileOpenDoc=0.
    [-] Fixed add / replace torrent tracker. Issue #929.
    [?] Fixed compilation of the program from the command line in Linux.
    [+] In the Installation for downloading SSL libraries added Visual Redistributable Package (For pure Windows systems. For Linux install manually libssl-dev)


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