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Steven slate drums mac os

Steven Slate Drums 4 – скачать для Windows/Mac OS

В наши дни Steven Slate Drums используют во всем мире, благодаря высококачественным аналоговым механизмам и потрясающему процессору – в итоге получая просто отличную замену аналоговым ударным. Трудно представить, сколько времени ушло для записи тысяч новых образцов для SSD4.

Steven Slate Drums 4 представляет из себя гибкий инструмент, который можно использовать для различных стилей музыки. Тонкая настройка под всевозможный саунд в сочетании с простотой не оставит равнодушным ни одного музыканта.

Имея небольшой опыт в использовании VST-плагинов вы сможете с легкостью настроить необходимый звук, используя предустановленные плагины или даже создав пользовательскую уникальную ударную установку, которая будет выделять вас на фоне остальных музыкантов.


  • Фантастические звуки;
  • Отличный плеер;
  • Легкая и всесторонняя маршрутизация аудио.


  • Требуются определенные навыки при настройке



The drums of your dreams
just got better.

Trigger 2

Make any drum recording
sound massive.

Which Drum Product is
right for you?

SSD 5.5

  • Drum Composition & Live Performance
  • Get Every Pro Drum Sound Using MIDI
  • Write, Perform, & Record With E-Drum Kits
  • Includes 2,400 Multi-Genre MIDI Grooves For Inspiration
  • Requires a DAW

Trigger 2

  • Drum Post-Production Editing
  • Take Any Existing Drum Recording and Replace with Pro Drums
  • Analyzes Transients Instead of MIDI
  • Replaces & Cleans Up Individual Instruments
  • Requires a DAW








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I have tried a ton of sample libraries in the past few years and I have never been shocked by any of them till I got Steven Slate’s. Steven just gets it. Hands down. He’s a mixer and an engineer. He even tracked them…


John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, Lifehouse

Stop whatever you are doing and just get these drums. It has been a long time since we have been blown away by anything like this. These have gone on everything, and I mean everything, we have done…


Madonna, Seal, OAR, Bowie

Recently, I started using the Steven Slate Drums. I am extremely pleased. The extra air and depth of the sounds is a fine upgrade to my drumagog library…


Jonas Brothers, Motley Crue, Jewel

The Steven Slate Drum samples are the best sounding drum samples available. The variety is fantastic, I can find a drum sound for any given mix. All the samples have a great PUNCH…


Evanessence, Papa Roach, Hoobastank

These samples are just what I need – a vast library with GREAT sounding drums that instantly and easily fit into a mix. Drum replacement can be a tricky thing. The samples need to be designed to work WITH the track…


Paul McCartney, Sheryl Crow, Christina Aguilera

The most realistic sounding drum samples I have ever heard. There is a snare or kick here to fit into any pop, rock or metal mix. These are the best on the market, the new industry standard…


Lamb of God, Slipknot, DevilDriver

I’ve had the new Steven Slate samples for 2 weeks now, and when I open Drumagog and look for sounds, I haven’t opened any folders but the Slate folders. Great new additions, and an extremely broad range…


Paul McCartney, Sublime, The Strokes

Steven Slate Drums have brought the songwriting/recording process to new horizons of fun and productivity. Having absolutely flawless drum sounds at your disposal virtually instantaneously…


Evanessence, Avril Lavigne, Celion Dion

Normally I’m not a big fan of drum replacement, but the Steven Slate Drum library makes it easy to integrate pristine samples with the original track. All the samples in the library sound very natural and organic. Great tools…


Metallica, Kings X, Motley Crue

The snares are unreal, so punchy and so well engineered – they fit right into the mix with little or no Eq’ing or processing. The kick pattern from ‘Hey Soul Sister’ is an SSD sample. I use SSD on probably 90% of all the tracks…


Train, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Leona Lewis, Jordin Sparks, Lionel Richie


SSD4 Installation (Mac)

Upon registering your Passcode/Lic number you will be taken to the User/Download page for SSD4.

Steven Slate Drums 4 Installers

Click SSD4 1.1.0 Mac Installer in order to begin downloading the installer. After it has finished downloading, locate the installer “SSD4_Sampler_r110_Mac.zip” within your downloads folder. Double-click to unzip the installer and double click again to run the pkg.

Note: Please ensure your DAW is closed when running the installer

Click “continue” to proceed with the installation and follow prompts until the installation is complete.

Note: If you experience an issue opening the installer, please try control+clicking and selecting “Open”.

Download a RAR Extraction Tool

You will need to download UnRarX in order to properly extract the Library downloads. Feel free to use the following link to download UnRarX: http://download.stevenslatedrums.com/ssd4/UnRarX_2.2.zip

Once downloaded, please move UnRarX to your “Applications” folder.

Download Library Parts

Download all Library Files one-at-time. Do not begin extracting them until all library parts have completed downloading.

NOTE: SSD4-EX has 3 Library Parts and SSD4-Custom has 1 Library Part

Once all Library parts have finished downloading, right click (or control+click) the first library part and select “Open With” –> UnRarX.

The extraction process could take several minutes. Once it has completed, you’ll find a “SSD4Library” folder with the file size of 9.69GB. We suggest moving the SSD4Library folder to your “Documents” folder or an external hard drive.

Download License File

Locate the LICENSE DOWNLOAD at the top of the page and click “Click To Download”

NOTE: You may notice your License Download at the top of the page is “still generating”. If this is the case, please wait a few minutes and try refreshing the page.

The license file is very small in size, so it should download immediately. It will be named accordingly:

RECOMMENDED: While it is not required, we strongly recommend moving your License File to the SSD4Library folder.

Open “SSDSampler” in DAW

SSD4 requires a host in order to run. Here is a list of Support DAWs: Supported Digital Audio Workstations

Now it is time to launch your DAW and open the SSDSampler on a Stereo Virtual Instrument Track. When opening SSD for the first time you may receive multiple warnings regarding a missing License File. Click okay to move forward.

Select Base Directory & License File

Almost done! Once SSD4 is open, go to “Settings” (image below for clarification)

Click “Select Base Dir” and navigate to the SSD4Library folder.

NOTE: Once the SSD4Library folder has been selected, the file path should be displayed to the right. Please ensure that the SSD4Library is listed last (as shown in the image–>)

Afterwards you will need to select the License File. Click “Select License File” and navigate to the License.

NOTE: The SSDSampler will continue to look for this license upon every launch. Moving or deleting the license will result in a “missing license file” error.

After selecting the License File you will need to go to to “Construct Kit” and hit the Refresh button (shown in picture) in order for the Library to appear.

NOTE : You will need to Double-click to load Kit Presets (such as Slate Rock 01). Instruments from the “INST” menu will need to be clicked and dragged to the drum interface or “empty” slots.

Additional Troubleshooting

Most DAWs have a “Plugin Manager” where you can verify the plugin has been installed and has been successfully validated.

If you experience any issues with the setup and installation, please submit a request here.


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